The A to Z of Single Parent Travel

…it all starts with ADVENTURE!

A while ago inspired by a Frolo app comment I ran a poll on my insta stories and found out so many single parents wanted to travel and have adventures with their kids but hadn’t been able to. Some because of money, some because of ex issues and some because they didn’t know where to start. And it got me thinking, the major reason I started this blog was because I love travelling with my son as it brings us closer and gives us real quality time together and I wanted to try and help and inspire others to do the same.

So I have written an A – Z of single parent travel tips on lots of different things, from how to survive a long haul flight, packing essentials to where to go and how to save to get there, which I hope will be able to help some single mums and dads off on their adventures. So keep an eye out over the next 26 days and hopefully you’ll be feeling inspired when we can all holiday again whenever that may be!

And for me it all starts with adventure!

Adventures shouldn’t just be for the rich or young gap year kids, it’s for everyone (including single parents!), and the best thing is they’re everywhere! It doesn’t have to be a month at the Ritz, a weekend in a caravan is an adventure too and I know which one most kids would prefer! It can also be a day out to the zoo or just anything that isn’t in your day to day life. Even a trip up the Thames in the pouring rain!

Soaking wet, freezing cold, but a great adventure all the same!

I was lucky as a child that we travelled a lot around the U.K. and stayed in some very lovely hotels, thanks in part to my father working as a consultant in the travel industry, but do you know what sticks in my mind the most? The weekend we stayed in a caravan park because it was something so different and exciting to me! Also my next door neighbours and my own family piling into one car and going to the beach for the day as we lived inland, it was such a treat and over 30 years later I can still remember sitting the back of the car on the way there and the songs we were singing.

So why not start thinking about your future adventures now. Ask your kids where they would like to go or what they would like to do. Just remember you can always come to a compromise or substitute ideas if they go for one that you’re going to need a lottery win to do! Luka loves rollercoasters and is desperate to go to Orlando but that’s going to take quite a lot of saving up so in the meantime I like to take him on trips to U.K. theme parks for example. Or think about the interests you all have and how you can turn that into an adventure. And don’t forget yourself, days out and holidays may be for your kids, but they should also be a chance for us parents to relax and have fun so if you’ve always wanted to go somewhere or try something, then put that on the list too!

If you’re on a tight budget then remember it doesn’t have to be a foreign holiday, it really can be as simple as packing up a picnic and catching a bus to the seaside for the day to make memories that will last a lifetime. Also do your research as sometimes holidays don’t cost as much as you think that they will so it may surprise you to find you can afford that trip, and at least knowing the cost will give you a starting point to start saving towards.

If it’s fear that’s keeping you from your dreams, try and start small to build your confidence. Before you try a week in a foreign land having never been away with the kids maybe have night away in a hotel closer to home. Or if one day you want to try a long haul trip to Australia, start with some shorter flight around Europe to get the kids and you used to flying.

If you have any questions about travelling with kids, please drop me a message on Instagram or Facebook and I’ll make sure it’s covered in the A-Z over the next few weeks!

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