…Our Easter Adventure starts soon.

The Easter holidays are now less than a month away (yay!) and I finally managed to sort a few days where the Mini Adventurer doesn’t have rugby and I don’t have work.

My original plan was to head for a chill out few days somewhere hot but without heading properly South the weather in early April isn’t really beach weather guaranteed. So I figured we’d leave the sunbathing for the summer and do some adventuring instead.

As ever my first stop was Skyscanner to look at some options. I wasn’t keen on spending 4 days in the same place (again saving that for the Summer) but Nice was coming up super cheap, £21 for us both for flights out!

So on went the thinking cap, and out came the map! Given that Monaco is so close, and Luka and me are huge F1 fans, I figured a trip to Monte Carlo was a must. And of course fingers crossed that while I’m there I meet a gorgeous billionaire who will sail us away on his mega yacht and I get to update my blog from 5 star hotels across the world 😉 Well a girl can dream!

Anyway back to reality! Given that Italy is also only a short hop from Nice, and we’ve never been there, it was also a must for this trip.

My original notion was to do breakfast in France, lunch in Monaco and dinner in Italy (that would be one killer Insta story!) but it seemed such a shame to rush through such beautiful places.

It seemed a bit silly to go to Italy and then come back to France given we’re only there for a few days. Looking at flights Nice was also coming out a bit more expensive to return from so I checked out other options and found super cheap flights back to Stanstead from Genoa. Thanks Skyscanner!

TOP TIP: If you’re looking at a holiday where you travel around a bit, it’s definitely worth looking at other airports for the return leg of the journey. I’ve often seen mega cheap flights that cost just £5 to get somewhere, but they sting you with a super expensive flight for the return.

So that’s it, flights are all booked and we’re also going to tag on a day in London at the start so we get some use out of our Merlin cards. But as ever we’ve no accommodation booked or activities planned for while we’re out there yet, apart from Luka’s request to go to an aquarium (regular reader’s won’t be surprised by that!).

So do you have any recommendation for things to do or places to stay between Nice, Monaco and Italy? Let me know in the comments please!

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