Dreaming of Sweden

….The perfect cure for the January blues?


So that’s it, the first trip of 2018 is booked and we’re off to Stockholm at the end of the month!

Having missed out on our usual pre-Christmas trip and with nothing on the horizon I was getting jittery. Does anyone else get that? It’s not just itchy feet, I get actual anxiety until the next hotel or flight is booked!

So I’ve been checking Skyscanner for the first weekend we have free and after discounting a few places I’ve already been (my big thing for 2018 is to tick more countries off the bucket list) I settled on Stockholm, Sweden. It’s somewhere my parents went long before I came along and loved, and with the anniversary of my father’s passing coming up it just felt right. Plus with flights out costing just £7 each who can resist!

But what to do when we get there? I have to admit Sweden is not really a country I’ve ever given too much thought to so we need to do some investigating.

Luka loves, and I mean LOVES, an aquarium so that will probably be on the to do list. And the SkyView is also on there if the weather is good, but where else? Are the museums good for English speaking children?

Any hints and tips of where to go and what to do for us while we’re in Stockholm would be much appreciated!

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