Travel Tips

Travelling with kids?

…Here are my top 10 tips to make those travels go smoothly.

  1. Get a Trunki

I’ve had one of these since the mini adventurer was a few months old and it’s been amazing. I couldn’t have done with long walks through airports without it or weekends away. Read more about why I love Trunki’s HERE.

2. Buy a Bubblebum

In case you haven’t heard of them, Bubblebums are inflatable booster seat, and they are absolutely perfect to take away with you when travelling without your own car. Hiring car seats with hire cars can be super expensive and not all companies offer them so it’s great to have one of these to hand. They’re also super handy to have if you’re visiting friends. A friend picked me up in New Zealand and started panicking about not being able to drive Luka as he didn’t have a car seat. But a few breaths into the Bubblebum and we were on the road!

3. Flying Long Haul? Pack a surprise bag.

I’m so lucky as the mini adventurer is a very chilled traveller and more than happy on flights just to watch a movie or play some games but when we flew long haul for the first time I secretly packed a little bag of new toys, stickers and books and allowed him to pick something out of it when he started to get bored. Truthfully he was so excited with the screen on the plane and looking out the window the lucky dip bag lasted all the way to New Zealand and back, but it certainly did come in handy in those “Mummy I’m bored” moments.

4. Pack babywipes!

Luka’s almost 7 now and I still don’t go anywhere without a packet of babywipes! From cleaning mucky faces to wiping up crumbs on aeroplane tables they’re a must have in my handbag.

5. Get a tablet. And Netflix!

The mini adventurer doesn’t actually use his Kindle Fire in the house but it’s the first thing we pack in his bag whenever we travel. Whether we’re travelling via train, plane or automobile it’s the perfect way to keep him entertained. I download some games, a few audiobooks and a couple of movies from Netflix and we’re ready to go.

6. Start a Travel Diary

When me and Luka go on a big trip we pack a notebook and Luka writes a daily journal of where we’ve been and what we’ve been up to, he also collects leaflets and tickets and sticks them all in. Not only does it give him something to do but he loves looking back at them and remembering our adventures. Plus it’s a really sneaky way of getting him to do some reading and writing without him realising.

7. Road Trip? Get a car tray.

These are so handy when heading off on a long car journey. Pack them with drinks, snacks, toys and tablets and you should be able to cruise in peace!

8. Consult the kids.

Our holidays belong to Luka just as much as me so I always try and work in his favourite things, plan some surprises I know he’ll love and most importantly ask him what he wants to do while we’re away. Which invariably means we end up in the nearest aquarium but it also means he loves it.

9. Don’t overpack!

I used to be sooooo guilty of this, I used to pack the kitchen sink just to go away for a weekend but I have got so much better now by always writing a list, and sticking to it when it comes to packing. Lets face it, we’re going to end up carrying our small people, or at least their bags, at some point over a holiday so it’s so much easier if you’re not also carrying a bag that weighs a ton full of stuff you wont wear or use.

Almost 3 weeks clothes packed into two small suitcases, my proudest achievement yet!

10. Stay in an apartment.

The one thing I find so much easier to do on our travels is to book an apartment or an airbnb rather than a hotel. Being able to offer Luka more room to run about or play of an evening makes life so much easier than being cooped up in a tiny hotel room and as much as I love snuggles, we both get a better nights sleep if we have two bedrooms!

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