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Travelling with a Toddler?

get a Trunki!

One of my top tips for travelling with little ones is…get them a Trunki. I bought Luka’s when he was a few weeks old and it’s literally come all over the world with us ever since. When he was little and the clothes were smaller but there were nappies etc it was the perfect size and now that there’s less stuff but the clothes it’s still fitting everything in perfectly. Plus I find it so much easier to keep our clothes separate when travelling so I don’t have to dig through both sets of clothes to find a pair of socks (especially now ours are almost the same size so I end up putting his on by accident).

Even when we go away for longer and we take a big suitcase, our faithful old Trunki comes with us. It’s a great size for some books, toys and a teddy and Luka loves the independence of packing his own bag.

Even better they’re cabin baggage sized so perfect to take on holiday where aeroplanes are involved whether they’re your main baggage or just your hand luggage.

In fact airports are where they come into their own . There are some lovely kids cases out there, with all their favourite characters, but the thing that sets the Trunki apart is that they’re a ride on after all long walks around airports can be tough on tired little legs. When Luka was 4 we came back from Fuerteventura at about 1am and understandably he was exhausted, had it not been for Trunki I would have had to have carried him, my handbag, his bag and duty free the length of East Midlands Airport while also dragging a large suitcase.

Even now Luka getting a bit too big to ride on it comfortably (he’s 4ft tall) it’s still really handy as he can pull it behind him whereas when he has a rucksack with him it’s invariably me that ends up carrying it.

Before buying it I was concerned it wouldn’t actually go very well and that the stability wouldn’t be great but over 6 years later it’s still going strong despite me snapping some of the plastic on the hinge at the bottom when I first got it (brute force while trying to shut a way overfull bag) and it’s really easy to drive/pull, just make sure you have a bit of space for cornering! It’s also got really strong handles and a strap for when you’re carrying it.

There are now so many awesome designs for every kind of child, from unicorns to fire engines but when I bought Luka’s there were only plain ones available. So we decided to decorate it ourselves and now wherever we go we get a sticker to go on Trunki, which has added a whole new element of fun to our travels!

So if you have a mini adventurer or are just taking a holiday with the kids this Summer make sure you grab a Trunki before you go!  

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