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Planning a trip?

…these are my top ten travel planning apps

I love an app, they’re so handy, especially when planning a trip somewhere, so here are the top ten that I use when planning for our adventures.

1. Skyscanner

If you’ve read my blog before, you’ll probably know I love Skyscanner and it’s usually the app where I start hunting out places to go, especially using their feature of searching flights to everywhere. If we aren’t going somewhere particular, I love checking out our free dates and seeing where we can fly to for under a tenner (yes really!). Check out more on Skyscanner HERE.

2. Traveline/Railcard

A top app whether you’re investigating a journey to the airport or a trip using public transport. It shows train/coach times and costs as well as timetables, and you can book and store your tickets in the app. If you’re travelling by train be sure to check out getting a Friends and Family Railcard too. We saved more than it cost just our first time using it, and continued to save for the rest of the year.

3. Instagram

Before I travel somewhere I always check out the hashtags for the country/city to find interesting places to eat, stay or visit.

4. Uber

If you’re trying to budget ahead of travelling somewhere I find it super helpful to use Uber to check out the rough cost of any trips you plan to take. When I was working out what we could do with our 8 hours in LAX I checked out the trips costs and times and worked out where we could and couldn’t go in the timescale.

5. AirBnB

I love an AirBnB when I’m travelling, especially with the Mini Adventurer so it’s one of my first port of calls to check out what we can get where on our holidays.

6. Monzo

While it’s not my main bank account, I always use my Monzo bank account while travelling. It helps me budget by keeping our travel money separate, makes it safer in case something happens to one of my accounts and Monzo have no fees for using your card abroad. I have direct debits going and transfer money in the lead up to a trip so I know how much I can afford to spend before we go.

7. Hotel Booking Apps

I use a few different websites, normally seeing which one has the cheapest rates if there’s a particular hotel I want to stay at, or which has the best rate on Topcashback, so always have a few different hotel booking apps on my, such as Trivago and

8. Packr

When it comes to packing, if I don’t have a list, I am the WORST packer, I end up putting 86 tops in for a weekend break along with the kitchen sink and enough make up to launch my own shop. I used to just write a list but then I’d remember something I wanted but didn’t have my notebook on me and would forget it. I tried a few different packing apps but had issues in customising them without paying for premium until I found Packr. I also like the fact if you do go premium, you can add family members to create lists for more than 1 person.

9. TripIt

If you like to be organised you need TripIt in your life, you can plan literally everything from transport to where you will be eating for lunch. It can import details straight from your email too so you have it all there without having to copy it out.

10. Culture Trip

I have only recently discovered this app and I am loving it. You choose a city and articles and ideas of what to do, where to go and where to eat, written by locals. You can explore by categories such as food & drink, places to stay, music and books, so there really is something for everyone. There are some really different places and experiences than you would find on normal websites, so definitely check it out before your next trip!

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