Travel Tips

Make memories and keep them

…with my top 10 ways to keep those travel memories alive.

1. Photobooks from Vistaprint. I love taking photos and when I was younger was constantly scrapbooking them but then along came Facebook and a busy life and I got lazy. Plus I am too impatient to order them online and wait so I end up getting them printed instantly and boy does that get expensive when you’re printing out 300 photos at 40p each! Several years ago I got into photobooks and now I’m truthfully more than a little obsessed. I love the fact you can pick the sizes (especially with things like panos now which you can’t get printed normally) and add little comments in to remind you where you were or a funny event that happened. Now I’ve tried all the different makes and Vistaprint is definitely my favourite, you have so many different size and shape choices, you can have the app automatically load them for you or chose to do it manually plus and they are such good value. I just got an XL book (Which is A3 sized) with 110 pages and thanks to using a voucher code and some vistaprint cash I had saved, it cost me just £22. Wow!

2. Make a Mixtile Wall! Keeping on the photo theme, I love to not only see my memories in a book but on my walls but not only can that add up in cost, I live in a house with thick stone walls which means hanging frames is not easy. Until I discovered Mixtiles that was! They are nifty little canvas prints that stick directly on your wall that you can peel back off and re-place time and time again. I’ve had some up for a couple of years that have been moved about and they’re still holding fast. They only cost £9 per tile and if you use this link to purchase you’ll get two free tiles when you buy 3! Bargain!

3. Travel Jewellery. I think having something on you always is such a lovely way to remember those times. One of my favourite companies doing this is El Camino, they do gorgeous bracelets and you can add steps such as countries or cities as you travel, they’re definitely on my wish list! Or how about collecting a charm or a stone from your travels and adding them to a charm bracelet?

4. Scratch Maps. I am totally obsessed with my scratch map. As soon as we get back from an adventure the first thing I do is reveal the latest country (sad I know!). I just love physically seeing that we’ve ticked off another country in our mission to see as much of the world as possible.

5. Travel Diary. This one is great especially for kids! I always make Luka do a travel diary when we go on our adventures. Not only is it a sneaky way to make him do some writing, it’s a lovely way for him to control his own memories and is somewhere to stick those tickets, leaflets etc you pick up along the way. To make our NZ trip extra special I even customised an A4 notebook from Funky Pigeon and gave it to him for a birthday pressie before we left!

6. Start a collection. I have been through various incarnations of this, in my youth it was erasers, my partying twenties shot glasses and now it’s magnets! The Mini Adventurer loves hunting them out in new countries and towns and picking which one he wants and I love the memories they bring back every time I get the milk out of the fridge!

7. Travel prints. If photos aren’t your thing or you’re too busy looking at the view to take a pic how about a set of travel prints to adorn your walls. I love the pastel prints and skyline maps from Displate.

8.  Cork Globe. Want to record the countries and places you’ve been to but are running out of wall space, how about these adorable cork globes to put a pin in? They’re so going on my Christmas wishlist already!

9. Collect Stickers and put them on your suitcase! A great one for kids in particular, whenever we go somewhere we try and pick up a sticker (though they seem to be a bit rare these days?!) or I print one off when we get home and stick it to his suitcase, totally going for that retro vibe! He loves looking at them and they so often spark memories and start conversations, “do you remember when we went to……”

10. Polarsteps App. This is a new find for me and I’m soooo excited to go on an adventure just to use it! Download it from the app or play store and you can add the steps to your journey as you go (you can also retrospectively add them in). You can put in notes and photos and you can also share with friends so they can follow you around the world. I love the idea of having your whole trip in one place to look back on in terms of dates and places.

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