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Make like Juliet and get a balcony

…trust me it’s a good idea!

If there’s one thing I love in a hotel room it’s a balcony. You can keep your widescreen TVs and coffee makers, outside space is my ideal.

When checking out road trip and holiday destinations, my first port of call is usually AirBnB. A) They’re often much cheaper and B) They offer a great deal of flexibility and space, especially if you’re going to be somewhere for a few days.

But if an AirBnB isn’t available or doesn’t float your boat, my top tip is – get a hotel room with a balcony. Even in London, in December!

You see my biggest bugbear with hotel rooms (if you can’t afford a luxury suite) is what to do once it’s lights out time for your little people. Do you sit there on the one chair with the TV on low hoping you don’t wake them up? Or sit in the dark talking in hushed voices if you’re travelling with another adult?

No, you get a balcony and go and sit outside (I’d recommend a jacket if it is London in January!), open a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and stick on some country music. Ok that part is totally optional but it does improve the experience! I get really claustrophobic in hotel rooms, especially when Luka’s asleep so even when it’s not the weather to sit outside I love being able to at least stick my head out for some fresh air.

Now admittedly while balconies may be commonplace if you’re holidaying abroad, they are definitely more difficult to come by in the UK, especially if you don’t want to blow the budget, but they’re definitely worth hunting out where possible I promise!

Do a google search for hotels with balconies/patios in the area you’re looking for and you may just strike gold.

Do you know of any good hotels in the UK with balcony or patio rooms? Let us know in the comments!

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