Travel Tips

Getting on a plane?

…With or without kids, here are my top 10 things to pack in your hand luggage.

Along with the usual passport, tickets, phone, wallet, keys, there are a few things that I always have in my hand luggage whenever I fly, whether it’s long or short haul, with or without the Mini Adventurer.

1. Sanitising Wipes

Lets face it planes don’t always feel like the most clean of places, and even though sanitising stuff isn’t in my handbag day to day I do pop it in when I’m getting on a flight. I like being able to give the tables a wipe before eating off them or being able to give my hands an extra clean.

2. A power bank

Nowadays I don’t take books, a dvd player, MP3 player etc with me as it’s all on my phone, but that does mean my battery dies sooooo quick, so I always take a power bank with me. Particularly important on the short haul flights where you can’t charge your phone to keep you entertained, and even more so to have some juice when you get off the other end if you need to pick up an uber or call your lift.

3. Charger wire

You won’t get far with your power bank without one so I always make sure my chargers are in my hand luggage rather than case. Given that I normally have my iPhone, Samsung and micro usb wires with me to keep me powered up I keep them all safe and untangled in a hand little case.

4. Baby wipes

I always have baby wipes on me, great for mopping up spills, cleaning up stains and freshening up my face, seriously don’t travel without them no matter how old you are.

5. Collapsible water bottle

I’m trying to be way better with not using single use plastics, plus I always find the tiny little glasses of water you get on flights isn’t enough so I’ve started taking a reusable water bottle with me, plus it means you take it through security and fill it up afterwards.

6. Mini first aid kit

Another one I never have in my day to day bag but the thought of being stuck on a flight with heartburn or raging toothache means I always pack a small stash of painkillers and tablets when flying.

7. Moisturiser

I find flying really dehydrates me, and I cannot stand the feeling of dry skin so I always take a travel sized pot of my favourite cream with me to freshen up my face and hands.

8. Headphones

I will invariably always have music going or a movie playing if I’m on a plane so I always make sure my headphones are in my handbag. I prefer can styles to in ear buds so I bought these for me and Luka a few years ago, they fold up, and the best thing is they’re Bluetooth so no need to get tangled up in any wires, but do come with a cable to plug in on to seat back screens or your phone if the battery dies.

9. Mirror

I have forgotten a mirror so many times so it’s now one of the top things on my list so I’m not having to use my phone camera to check I haven’t grown an extra head while on the plane or to redo my make up before I disembark.

10. Spare clothes

I have a huge fear of my suitcase going missing so if I’m travelling with kiddo I pack an outfit or two in each others bags just in case, but if I’m travelling alone and checking in my case I like to at least have a spare few items of clothing in my hand luggage.

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