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… you won’t believe how much I’ve saved!

So after a fun packed year of Merlin fun our Annual Passes have run out so I sat down to do some sums to see if they really have been worth the money.

After a lot of thinking (and being annoyed I couldn’t get a Family Pass as there are only two of us) which you can read about HERE, last August I took the plunge and forked out £358 on our passes.

It’s not cheap and given that the closest attraction to me is 3 hours drive away so I wouldn’t be using them popping to the local theme park once a month, I did wonder if I would actually get my money’s worth. But wow I certainly have.

We’ve been to fifteen attractions this year, some on their own and some more than once, but most as part of a road trip, or holiday where we’ve been to a few at the same time, and after doing some calculating visiting them without a card would have cost….

(Drumroll please)

… £1,455!!

Taking out the original cost of the cards that’s a massive saving of almost £1,100 in just a year! With the passes also saving you money on food, drinks and hotels at the attractions and additional tickets I estimate I’ve also saved at least an additional £250 over the course of the year on these. Now that’s what I call a bargain!

Because of the way we travel (last minute and unplanned!) we can’t usually book in advance but for those more organised than me I also did some sums using the best priced advanced saver tickets and group attraction tickets (such as the Blackpool Big Ticket) I could find and without a Merlin Annual Pass it still would have cost us £942! Not including that £250 additional saving that’s still almost £600 I could have saved!

Truthfully without the Annual Passes we just wouldn’t have gone on all the adventures we have this year so my favourite thing about having them has been the freedom to travel without thinking about the money. It’s really allowed us to have holidays on the cheap as we’ve been able to centre them around a variety of attractions (Such as our 6 day road trip where we went to 10 attractions around the country and spent less than £350 including hotels and petrol! Read about it HERE).

So if you want to have a year of adventures (or an excuse for a year of adventures!) then get yourself a Merlin Annual Pass, it certainly gets the Single Adventure Mum seal of approval!

TOP TIP: If you’re a family of two like us, ask your wider family and friends if they’re interested too. Merlin’s Family Passes start at three people and there are big savings to be had in comparison with individual passes.

Also check out the Merlin Annual Pass Sale in January (fingers crossed they keep up with tradition and do one in 2019!) where you can make even more savings. We haven’t renewed our passes yet as we’re off on a big adventure in few weeks and won’t have the time to use them for a few months but we’ll be first in the queue in 2019 ready for another year of fun!

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