…but 2018 will be even better!

So there’s no doubt that Luka and I have always loved a holiday. He was 7 weeks old when he went on his first mini break and we really haven’t stopped travelling since.

But 2017 was a special year in our adventures with a few firsts, Luka went abroad for the first time in March, and took his first flight later in the year. We also did a lot of road trips, enjoyed some theme park fun, rode a camel, had a lemur sit on our heads, went on a dolphin safari, I could go on!

All in, between us in 2017 we took 12 flights, visited 5 countries (including our home country of Wales), went to 6 theme parks and 11 zoos and aquariums, not to mention goodness knows how many day trips and overnight breaks. Is that excessive, I may have lost all sense of reason when it comes to travel in all honesty?!

Anyway, I definitely want to top that in 2018! And my major plan is ticking a few more countries off my bucket list. I’ve been very lucky, through my childhood and as an adult, to have travelled the UK widely and Luka is being brought up in the same way but we haven’t travelled outside Great Britain very much yet and it’s something I really want to do more of this year. But where to go….?

If you could recommend one city, or country, that has to be on my 2018 travel plan, which one would it be and why?