New Zealand


…but what shall we do when we get there?

Two weeks today and the Mini Adventurer and I are going on our biggest adventure yet – we’re off to New Zealand!!

NZ has been on top of my wishlist for a great many years but it’s just never quite worked out for me. When I had Luka it got put on the back burner but he’s picked up on the dream over the years and by now is probably even more desperate than me to get over there.

So we decided to forego our Summer beach holiday and start flight hunting for late October. We found some well priced flights with Virgin and after 24 hours of do I don’t I panic I thought stuff it, you only live once, and booked it!

I would have loved to go out for months (still regretting the fact I couldn’t have a gap year!) but with work and Luka’s school it obviously wasn’t possible so we’re out of the country for two and a half weeks including the dreaded travel time.

We fly from London via LA to Sydney and here’s the Single Adventure Mum style part (i.e. last minute), we haven’t actually booked the flights to New Zealand yet! The day after we arrive is a rugby final we want to attend but where it is won’t be decided until 4 days before we leave the UK so we don’t know where our adventure will be starting until then. Who needs to plan and book anyway 😉

So while we can’t make an exact plan of where we will be when, I am collecting lots of ideas of places to go and things to do. So what are your top tips for a Single Adventure Mum and Mini adventurer in New Zealand?

We’re also looking to pack in some adventures on the journey so any ideas for 8 hours in LA and 24/48 hours in Sydney also gratefully appreciated.

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