Magical Mystery Tour – Day 4

…London Town!

Admittedly not every child loves a landmark like Luka does, this is the boy who was way more excited about seeing the Eifel Tower than going to Disneyland when I took him to Paris aged 4 after all. But the Mini Adventurer does love the capital so I decided we’d finish our magical mystery tour there, plus there is soooooo much to do with kids.

I usually stay in the Union Jack or the Victory Services Club when in London. My father was ex RAF and they are open to servicemen and women and their families/friends. So a top tip, if you know people in that category and you’re going to London with them it’s definitely worth checking out as the prices, and service, are great.

Good morning London!

So after a late night arrival and a lie in it was time to hit the town. Unfortunately it was also time for the weather to change. After three stunning days the heavens opened and any ideas of walks around Hyde Park were off. Luckily Luka was at the start of his dinosaur phase, and as I love a museum, we jumped on the tube to the Natural History Museum.

Unfortunately with the awful weather and the school holidays everyone else had had the same idea and there was a huge queue. As we were there already we decided to brave it and it moved relatively quickly so we were inside the free entry attraction, great for those on a budget!

I’m not sure if it was because it had been a long few days, or because it was so busy that influenced me but in all honesty I was a little disappointed. It was quite dated and a lot of the, very basic, interactive technology wasn’t working.

However there were some great bits like the animatronic T-rex which Luka absolutely loved and it did kill a few hours for free. By the time we left we headed to the sun was shining again and we were back on the tube towards the final stop of the tour – The London Eye.

Since Luka has always loved it, he used to squeal when it was on TV when he was a baby, I surprised him with a trip. At just shy of £50 for 1 adult and 1 child (under 3’s go free) on an advance purchase ticket it’s not cheap but the views are absolutely spectacular. Merlin Annual Pass holders go for free (another tick in the box for them) or if you have time to do a few things check out the Merlin London attraction passes and you’ll save some cash. Also make sure you don’t skip the 4D cinema before you go on as it’s a really nice addition and offers something extra to your visit.

After a pizza on the South Bank and another night in the hotel, it was home time to relax!

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