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My name is Laura, and I’m an unorganised traveller. There I’ve said it.

I love researching trips but I hate booking things more than 24 hours out! I am a such a commitment-phobe that I can’t even stand being tied into having to be somewhere six months in advance. I mean how will I know if I still want to be there then?!

Luckily Luka is happy to go with the flow but when I attempt to travel with other people I drive them mad. When we went to Paris with my Mum a few years ago she nagged me for months to book our hotel and I put it off for months and only actually booked it a few days before. On the plus side though we got a mega bargain because we booked it so late!

It also meant it took me years and years to get our first long haul trip booked because I kept putting it off. I mean I’m well practised at last minute road trips but flying to the other side of the world with 24 hours notice is a bit much even for me!

So while long haul, and even short haul ,trips do require a bit more planning, there’s a huge amount of fun to be had in travelling my way, and winging it!

Winging it can be done in many ways, it may be deciding that you’ve got a free weekend on a Friday morning and booking a quick weekend break and heading off after work that night. The bonus of this is that you don’t have your small people asking for weeks how many sleeps!

Or it could be making a plan to go somewhere but leaving booking your hotel until the night before (or if you’re me, about 4pm that day!). This is invariably how I travel in the UK and the best thing is by booking late you can get some huge bargains. Now if you’re in an area where there are limited hotels it’s better to get something booked in but if you’re flexible or in a big city booking late may just save you big bucks. I once got a £600 a night London suite for £140 by leaving booking until 6pm. Check out sites like for some great last minute deals.

If you fancy winging it but want to know where you’re headed why not book a hotel you fancy but not plan any activities until you get there. Ask the locals for their top tips or check out the leaflets that are usually found in reception to get ideas on what’s to do.

Or go all out and plan, or rather don’t, a few days away doing a magical mystery tour! One of my favourite Single Adventure Mum trips was where we set off one morning without a clue where we were going and came home 6 days later having travelled almost 700 miles and been to 10 different attractions around the UK (Read all about that HERE).

So are you an advanced booker or a last minute Laura like me? Let me know in the comments.

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