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Think outside the box when it comes to bedding down

…and stay in a quirky hotel.

Now my number one ideal in a hotel is a balcony, (yes even in central London in December, trust me it’s a good idea and you can read why HERE) but I have a second requirement that’s creeping up the list. It has to be quirky.

Okay it may not quite class as a requirement but boy does it make adventures and holidays even more fun and memorable! I was lucky enough to stay in a lot of very nice hotels growing up but the trip I remember the best? Staying in a cabin in the woods.

There are a couple of super famous ones (sure most people have seen the one shaped liked a beagle in Idaho or the ice hotel in Sweden) but they’re actually becoming a lot more commonplace across the UK and beyond, with attractions such as Thorpe Park and their Shark Hotel (read our review of it HERE) or Glamping in Chessington. I mean what self-respecting child (or grown up) would rather stay in a Travelodge when they could stay in an enchanted cottage on site like at Alton Towers (which you can read about HERE).

Now I know it comes down to budget and some quirky places are ridiculously expensive but many fun places to stay are just as cheap (non-expensive yurts and cabins are popping up everywhere!) and even if they’re a little more expensive it can be so worth it for the memories made and to see the look on the kid faces.

Even if you don’t think it’s too left field, staying somewhere other than a standard hotel, it may just make the kids holidays! I booked a hotel boat in Sweden and while it may not exactly count as quirky, it was definitely the most excited Luka had ever been about a hotel!

When you wake up, and you’re in Sweden, on a boat!

That was at least until I surprised him with a night in an aeroplane while in New Zealand. If you’re ever in the land of the long white cloud you have to check out Woodlyn Park. It didn’t cost too much more than most of our nights of the island (and was cheaper than others) but it was without a doubt our favourite. Luka’s told everyone about it and often talks about whether we should stay on the boat or in a railway carriage next time!

So next time you’re planning a trip definitely take a moment to google quirky hotels or head to (which I love as there are so many different search options) and think outside the box when it comes to bedding down!

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