Day trip


…a treat for train lovers and treasure hunters.

Leaving Swansea for “Ooop North” we didn’t have much of a plan. Had we left earlier in the day I would have gone to West Midlands Safari Park as it’s always a great day out but we weren’t going to make it on time. Luckily after about an hour and a half of driving we saw a brown sign with a train on it.

Luka loves a brown sign (in the UK attractions are signposted on brown signs with a picture and sometimes their name), he always wants to go investigate the attractions on them so it was great for once to not be en route somewhere else and just be able to go with it.

We followed the train and found ourselves at the rather charming Perrygrove. Their motto is “Treehouses, Trains and Treasure”, I mean what more could a self respecting 5 year old boy want!

Entrance for adults is £7.35, and £5.95 for children aged 3 – 15 (all prices can be found HERE). For that price we could ride the train, which ran on a quite regular basis, as often as we wanted, there was a fun wooden “treehouse” to run around in as well as a play park outdoors.

It’s not a massive attraction, and in all honesty had I seen the website before going I would have expected quite a bit more, but it’s certainly enough to keep the family entertained for a few hours. Luka really enjoyed the train ride, although be prepared it’s not one that takes you for miles through the countryside, despite having four stations the whole track is only three quarters of a mile long.

One thing we both did enjoy while there was the Treasure Hunt. It cost an extra £1.90 but it did keep us busy for a while and gave us a bit of structure to our visit. Luka loved running around spotting clues and was so excited to unlock the door at the end and find his treasure, which was one small chocolate coin. Luckily he was happy with that too but I must admit I did think it would be a slightly bigger reward, even if just a few chocolate coins!

Overall if you live close or happen to be near by I think it’s worth a visit for the money as it will keep the kids entertained for a few hours on a dry day but I wouldn’t particularly recommend travelling hours to get to the attraction alone.

That said they do have specialist days which look worth a visit, such as July’s Cider and Sausage Festival (now that’s my kind of day out!) and what looks like a lovely Christmas offering where you get to meet Santa.

They also have something which I can’t remember seeing at any other attractions, a Halloween free half term. Personally I don’t mind some Halloween fun but if you don’t celebrate or like it, it could be the perfect venue to visit in the Autumn half term.

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